April 14, 2010  |  landscape, trips

Spent five days at a lovely place know as Brooloo Park. Brooloo is in the Mary Valley, the Traverston Dam was proposed to come nearby to where we were staying. First try at a star trail as above. Plus lots of other farm / outback themed photos in here.




  1. Wow, the star trails turned out really well!! Well done! You’ve been on a posting spree

  2. Nice shots. I am very interested into getting into alot more photography such as this. How exactly does the star trail shots work?

  3. Hi Leon. They are a series of images over a time of 3-5hrs all combined together in photoshop to make one still image. Hope that helps! Alex

  4. Cool. What equipment do you use for all your shots?


  5. Nikon DSLR and an external remote control, if your interested in this type of photography, take a look at

  6. What lense do you have? I upgraded last year to the Canon 50D, takes nice pics but still only had the kit lense. I will have to do some experimenting as the months get a bit warmer.