Journey for Two

July 4, 2011  |  Featured, portfolio, video, wedding

Josh & Lauren are great friends of mine. And when I found out they were getting married I was so excited for them both, which I expressed joyously to them, but I was also secretly excited because I had wanted to have a proper go at filming a wedding. Their wedding. I mentioned to Josh that I wanted to meet up. It soon became obvious that we wanted to ask each other the same question. We agreed I should film his wedding day. My computer at the time was not up to editing. My camera was not up to it much either. But we worked around that. With some new and borrowed equipment I made it happen. During that day filming, one thing that was comforting was working beside Jonas Peterson (their Photographer), what a treasure you are Jonas. I hope to work with you again in the future.

It dawned on me after seeing Lauren and Josh preparing separately, that it was a great privilege to be in the position I was. I had the backstage pass. I got to see everything. Hanging out with the boys chilling out playing guitar at the barber whilst getting cut-throat shaves. A precious moment of gift giving. Parents overcome with joy for their children. Meticulous preparation. Nerves. Emotion. Elation. Laughter. Love and Celebration.

For me, I got so much enjoyment from filming this, much more than I ever expected. It feels so good, to have created something that is treasured my many now and in the future. To know this means so much to many people is humbling.

Some inspiration for you, the reader. A candle lit hall. A selection of fantastic home made beer, by Josh’s best man. Josh’s sister hand made boutonniere’s for the gentlemen, each a symbol of something they love. Bridesmaids were dressed in the colours of autumn, their outfits hand sewn by Lauren’s mum. A gorgeous vintage bridal dress by Lauren and her mum. Fun helium balloon’s lining an aisle. And much more.

I’m so happy to tell their story. If you have a story you want me to tell, jump onto the contact page and start sharing.

Secrets on the Lake. Montville Town Hall.
Montville, Queensland, Australia.

Music credits:
Generator ^ First Floor – Freelance Whales Buy on iTunes
Wedding Score – James Hillier (James made this for his sister Lauren, I know beautiful right!)
Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Buy on iTunes

See photography by Jonas Peterson’s on his Josh & Lauren wedding feature:




  1. Alex – that’s freaking awesome!!! Love it.
    You are a talent with moving stories.
    A-mazing. Perfect music too 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind comments Maddie, it was a wonderful wedding to film!