January 1, 2013  |  landscape, personal, photography, trips, video

Earlier in 2012 I spent some time in Tasmania with a good friend of mine. I’d like to share a little of our Tasmanian adventure. To inspire you.

Exploring the outdoors is something I really enjoy. There is always a secret place, a creek, a field, a place of magic hiding away from the tourist route. Places that are not on the top 10 things to do. Places not so well travelled.

Driving around the most direct roads, the highways, was something I wanted to avoid where possible. I wanted to see the ‘backcountry’. To get up early with the sun and go exploring. Like the explorers of old… discovering. We made many impulse turns down random dirt roads, pulling onto the kerbside, squeezing our bodies through barbed-wire fences to find unusual places. Chasing the glimpse of something special you caught from afar, or just exploring on a hunch. Believing, hoping, and wishing for something special.

Of course there was reward in visiting the known. Walking among the enormous Antarctic Beach Trees in Mt Field NP (National Park). Taking a boat around the coast of Bruny Island. Freycinet NP’s Wineglass Bay. The Bay of Fires. Bicheno and your bakery. And how could I forget Cradle Mountain NP. This is what we found, many places known and some unknown.

Stay tuned, soon I will be sharing a little film of our Tasmanian Adventure.

Until then, start planning yours.

[Update] As promised, here is the short film.


Cataract Gorge

Bay of Fires

Sunrise at Bay of Fires

Lone Tree - Bay of Fires

Sunrise at Bicheno

Freycinet Coast

Freycinet National Park

Wineglass Bay

Beach at Wineglass Bay

Random Shed #1

Dusk at Swansea

Random Shed #2

Night Sky from Swansea

Red vegetation off the beaten track


Trees in Salamanca Markets

Mt Wellington Vegetation

Bruny Island Coastline

Property on Bruny Island

Horseshoe Falls - Mt Field NP

Russell Falls - Mt Field NP

It was all Yellow

The Earth is Flat - River Derwent

River Derwent Reflections

Around the Harbour - Hobart

Ghosts - Cradle Mountain NP

River Derwent - New Norfolk

View to Cradle Mountain

0c Dew Drops


Boardwalk - Cradle mountain NP

Birds eye - Cradle mountain NP

Cloud Shadow