Carisse & Ben // Blue Mountains Wedding

September 5, 2013  |  video, wedding

The morning (so early) before the wedding my good friend Josh Weier and I were on a plane to Sydney watching the sun rise over the great dividing range filled with low lying fog, as I proclaimed ‘there is whipped cream in the mountains!’ Carisse & Ben picked us up from the airport and we spent the day with them sharing stories as they made some final preparations. We were ridiculously well looked after, staying with their family and friends over the days we were there.

The wedding day began with a slow journey out to the venue, documenting as we went.
This is where I stop with the words and you play the video to see the story of the day 🙂

C+B thank you so much for having Josh and I shoot your wedding. So grateful to have gotten to know you, your friends and family over the few days we spent in Sydney.

Venue // Bellbird on Loxley, just past the Hawksbury river near Kurrajong.

Music credits //
I love music. I especially love Jónsi (and his group Sigur Ros) and Bon Iver. I saw Sigur Ros play in Osaka, Japan earlier this year, it is something I will not forget any time soon, along with the country and its people. The track Go Do is from a solo album by Jónsi, if you love this you should check out the album Takk by Sigur Ros. And Babys by Bon Iver is really something, I was privileged enough to go see the group play in Brisbane. And the final track by Set Sail! This track is just kicking, it reminded me of the top band carisse and ben had play at their reception, so great.
If you love this music as much as I do, buy their music and go see them play!

Babys – Bon Iver
Go Do EP – Jónsi
Set Sail EP – Set Sail