Daybreak at Shorncliffe

April 16, 2010  |  photography, portfolio

Cue Alarm 4.30am… out of bed by 4:40am… on location around 5:20am.
Had some success this morning shooting at Shorncliffe Pier. Morning turned out really well considering it was a dark cloud ridden morning with some added rain, i made the most of the gloomy conditions. Take a look below!

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April 14, 2010  |  landscape, trips

Spent five days at a lovely place know as Brooloo Park. Brooloo is in the Mary Valley, the Traverston Dam was proposed to come nearby to where we were staying. First try at a star trail as above. Plus lots of other farm / outback themed photos in here.

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Old Rails

February 20, 2010  |  photography, portfolio

This was fun. Four photographers exploring a rail yard, rust all around you. Will have to do another group trip soon! A friend of mine spotted a tiny little cactus growing out of a carriage!

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Walk in the forest

January 17, 2010  |  photography, portfolio

This shoot was really fun! This was for C3 Church Young Adults department, taken in early January 2010. Photography was for flyer and marketing materials throughout the year. Knocked out the colour from the grass to emphasize people in these as it had just rained and the grass was trying to be the hero… look at me, I’m green!

Hope you Enjoy these.

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