1. What do you love?
The outdoors! Spontaneous adventures with friends or randoms while traveling. Creating things, be it videos, delicious food, physical objects, art. Making stuff is simply the best ūüôā Going on two wheeled adventures (see¬†ridewithalex.com¬†)

2. Who are you?
An artist, a dreamer, an outdoor lover, a traveller, a mountain biker, a foodie, a camper, a diy’er, really tall, a pun lover, dog lover, a nerd, mostly introverted¬†&¬†extravert on demand (yeah complicated I know), a music lover, a brother, a son.¬†I live for story. I want to try, to fail and learn from it, to give everything I have.

3. Why do you film weddings?
Because they are moments that matter. Not just pretty images, but real emotion, real stories. For me it is all about the people¬†and the¬†vulnerability that comes with the day. Day to day we wear a mask of who we want to tell the world we are, this is one of those moments in time¬†where¬†masks come off vulnerability doesn’t matter¬†and the real you is on display.¬†I am super honoured to be trusted to make films, stories that are a genuine, real, which¬†bring people to tears and to laughter. I hope they¬†are¬†shared, passed down and perhaps when memories have faded they are¬†joyously rediscovered again.

4. Can you film my wedding at undisclosed secret location?
Hai! That’s japanese for yes! My passport is current, with pages ready for stamping ūüôā I’m based in Brisbane, Australia and often go wandering on interstate and overseas adventures.

5. How much?
$4900AUD for all-day wedding coverage local to Brisbane. Elopements and surprise weddings are priced on speaking with you about your plans.

6. Why all day coverage?
I’m there to document, the location itself (I love nature and the outdoors ), family, friends as well as you both. I’m not there to only capture the formalities and legalities of a wedding ceremony, depending what happens on the day/s your movie could be 10-20min.

7. Will my wedding feel like a movie set with tripods and cables and camera operators all over the place?
Nope. That’s the last thing I would want at my wedding, would be the day becoming a production. I’m all about the smallest footprint to capture the moment. You might notice from my work I shoot a lot of intimate outdoor diy weddings, this is what I love and what I would want for myself. There is just me, no crew or roadies, steadicams, slider things, most of the day I carry the same volume of gear as a photographer, one, sometimes two cameras (not those big ones you throw over your shoulder) and a funky video tripod with one leg ay matey, I’m often mistaken as the photographers assistant ūüôā

I really value getting to ‘unprofessionally’ know my couples. We’ll share stories over a beverage or two and hopefully I’ll become a friend with a fancy camera at your wedding. Why do we hang out? Well to tell your story I need to listen. I can’t share your story without first understanding you you guys are. Jump onto the contact page and say hello. I also hope you get¬†to know me and what I love as much as I do you <3

What I do when I’m not filming…
  • Taking photos! Yes, photography is my escape from video-land.
  • Travel.
  • Sharing two wheeled stories¬†on my other website ridewithalex.com
  • Finding new music, my world is not right without it.
  • Tramping/hiking in the mountains.
  • Coming up with terrible pun’s on the fly.
  • Riding my bike/s. Mountain, road, touring and motorcycle
  • Waking up early, to hive-five the sun.